The Slave

Hello world! I am a 22 year old cat lover. This will primarily be a photo blog w/ short stories and descriptions with each photo and will also feature anything concerning cats. A little background info on the author: I grew up in a small mountain town in Vernonia (aka Vernowhere), Oregon (featured on the History Channel show Ax Men). I currently live in the Portland, OR area and attend Portland State University for computer science.What else is there to know? Just let me know and I’ll post more.

Adie and I

2 Responses to The Slave

  1. kim sanders says:

    Hi sweetie….I’ve never been a cat person…maybe you can help me with this new kitten and make a cat lover out of me.

    • I think the longer you keep it and start discovering what kind of personality it has, you will fall in love all on your own. You should really figure out a name so it will start responding to you. As a cat owner you can also start relating to some cat related humor that’s out there and it becomes more natural to have your kitty. I’ll send you some links you can look at, at your leisure.

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